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Duluxe Family Chalet


  • 8ft Wide and 10 ft long.

  • Perfect for 3 or 4 Cats sharing from the same household that sleep separately. 

  • 2x Separate Bedrooms (individually heated).

  • 1x Extra Large Exercise Area.


Price for 3 Cats Sharing                        - £28.00 per day

Price for 4 Cats Sharing                        - £30.00 per day

(Above) Looking into the Sleeping Area which has 2 seperate shelfs which includes a viewing window to the top of the picture which allows views across The Marsh. A Duluxue Family chalet has 2 of these.


There is a shelf that runs the whole length of the exercise are with a ramp down to floor level . There is also 2 Cat flaps that allow access from the sleeping area, one at floor level and one the same level as the shelf (A Duluxe Family Chalet has 2 of these).

Below is a picture of the Thermostats that we can set to a temperature of your choice, one sleeping area can be set to be cooler/warmer then the other.

The Extra Large Exercise Area is made from 2 standard Exercise Areas, but with the dividing wall removed we create a 8ft wide area where your cats can play and easily change between the 2 seperate sleeping areas.

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