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Double Chalet


  • 4ft wide and 10ft long

  • Perfect for 1 Cat or 2 Cats sharing from the same household.

  • 1x Bedroom (individually heated)

  • 1x Exercise Area


Price for 1 Cat                                - £14.00 per day

Price for 2 Cats Sharing              - £20.00 per day

(Above) Looking into the Sleeping Area which has 2 seperate shelfs which includes a viewing window to the top of the picture which allows views across The Marsh.


(Above) Looking into the Exercise Area from the safety corridor. Behind the door is the Sleeping area with Thermostaicaly controlled heating (below).

There is a shelf that runs the whole length of the exercise are with a ramp down to floor level . There is also 2 Cat flaps that allow access from the sleeping area, one at floor level and one the same level as the shelf.

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